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About Us

Klik4Logistics is a one of a kind, and one-stop shop for all your logistics needs at locations across India. It is a cloud-based platform which connects you with warehouse providers, transport operators and with local vendors for service or product of your choosing.

You have the power to choose from a variety of warehousing and transport options and pick ones that suit your need of the moment or for the long term. As a user, you can also choose also location-based service experts to support your operations. The service vendor listings can provide all services at a location such as legal, pest control, fire safety, workforce etc. Product vendors listed can also provide all needed material such as pin, paper, pallets, bins, racks, MHE to name a few.

A Competent Team 

Klik4Logistics is operationally managed by young, talented and experienced logistics professionals. The company is privileged to be ably guided by an advisory board of senior leaders in the supply chain industry with more than 75 years of cumulative experience between them. Their experience has been from the ground, up to the leadership levels, which gives them deep insight into the workings of the industry.

Customer is Always First

Our team members aim to keep the customers and users happy by offering them various options with high levels of dedication, commitment, and sincerity. You can trust our team members to guide you on everything from how to register on the platform to how to use it effectively every day. 

Unique Services

At Klik4logistics, we aim to enhance the future of the logistics industry by creating India’s first and only one stop marketplace which brings together providers and users of warehousing space, transportation, localised service, product suppliers and talent / skills. Klik on the links to know more of each of these services and start or run your logisitics activity. 


Create the go-to market place eco-system for supply chain professionals for everything in logistics, to exponentially increase their productivity in finding solutions to operational challenges in infrastructure, design, services, sourcing and human resources by leveraging technology as the enabler.